On Writing is a personal and reflective category where I share my journey, experiences, and insights as a writer. In this space, you’ll find an intimate look at my process of crafting stories, the progress of my latest novel, and various musings on the multifaceted nature of writing as both a profession and an art form.

Each post in On Writing is a glimpse into the life of a writer, covering everything from the daily challenges and triumphs to the deeper aspects of creating compelling narratives. I discuss the hurdles of writer’s block, the joy of developing characters, and the intricate dance of weaving plotlines. This category is not just about the mechanics of writing; it delves into the emotional and creative journey that underpins the act of storytelling.

As an author specialising in romance and mystery, my focus often includes how these genres influence and inform my writing. However, On Writing transcends genre boundaries, touching on universal themes and lessons that any writer or aspiring writer can relate to and learn from.

On Writing is for anyone interested in the behind-the-scenes world of a writer’s life, from fellow authors seeking solidarity and inspiration to readers curious about the processes behind their favourite stories. Join me as I navigate the ever-evolving landscape of writing, sharing the experiences and insights I’ve gained along the way.