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Hello, lovely souls, and welcome to the captivating world of Briar Black (AKA, me). I’m an English writer, hopelessly enamoured with all things romance. Whether it’s contemporary love stories or fantastical escapades, I can’t resist diving headfirst into the depths of every romance genre out there.

Journey through the pages of my novels, where romance unfolds amid tangled webs of mystery and the occasional hint of fantasy. Maybe I read too much Sherlock Holmes and Agatha Christie as a child, but for some reason whenever I pen a romance I end up writing a mystery. Most often a murder mystery, though the lines get a little blurred. And while most of my novels are very much set in the real world, I love fantasy far too much, so you may find the occasional fantastical twist.

If you’ve found yourself on my humble website odds are you’re a fan of mystery romance books, or spicy novels, or romantasies. If so, we’re kindred spirits and within these digital pages you’ll find my thoughts on many a mystery romance penned by others, as well as those I’m working on myself. I’m not only a writer but an avid reader, and I’ve never been much good at keeping my opinions to myself! So, if you love romance (of all genres) dig through my reviews and recs to find your next read. 

Discover Briar Black's world of mystery romance books and romantasy, blending passionate tales with enthralling mysteries.
Discover Briar Black's world of mystery romance books and romantasy, blending passionate tales with enthralling mysteries.

About My Books

There’s something utterly magical about Romantasy, weaving together scorching lovers and fantastical settings. The way love dances amidst mythical landscapes and mystical adventures just sets my heart ablaze with passion. You will find many of my reviews and posts on social media touch on the fantasy genre. But while I adore reading fantasy novels, I have yet to venture into writing them. For that, I remain firmly grounded in reality well…almost. My books occasionally feature the odd fantastical feature; an otherwise perfectly regular romance novel with one magical or mystical element included. 

The heart of all my stories (so far at least) is that they’re set in a reimagined version of my beloved home county, Cheshire, where the beauty of reality mingles with the allure of romance and the excitement of mysterious happenings. Each town I’ve called home over the years finds its way into the tapestry of my tales, merging together and reforming so that you’re never quite sure where you are. Don’t try to identify the location of any of my yarns; they don’t exist in reality. Instead, they’re an amalgamation of impressions and experiences gleaned over a lifetime. The landscapes may feel familiar, but they harbour secrets and surprises, just waiting for you to uncover.


Amelia returns to her hometown after building a successful business and runs into Michael Bane, her childhood crush. He’s exactly as he always was; painfully attractive with an edge of badboy. Amelia, however, is far from the geeky wallflower Michael despised in high school.

After a steamy reunion, Amelia dares to hope she might finally land the man of her dreams. But social cliques run deep, Michael’s friends still see her as an untouchable with no place in his world. And Michael’s in trouble. The really bad kind. It scares her just how far she’s willing to go to keep him safe.  

As Ameilia digs deeper into the world she left behind, desperate to find the truth and prove Michael innocent, she’s forced to confront a disturbing question: just how bad does she want this boy to be?

White hot, totally twisted. Classical meets millennial mayhem in British romance author Briar Black’s suspenseful Romance Mysteries.

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A Bit More About Me

I currently reside in the charming embrace of Chester, my sanctuary for creativity, where I dwell with an ever-growing collection of books that beckon me to explore new worlds and uncharted emotions. The only thing missing is a feline companion to stalk my bookshelves and curl up on my lap, and I aspire to one day own a cat. When I’m not reading or writing you’ll find me cooking or sewing, so if aspects of these additional hobbies creep onto these pages, do not be surprised!

Discover Briar Black's world of mystery romance books and romantasy, blending passionate tales with enthralling mysteries.
Discover Briar Black's world of mystery romance books and romantasy, blending passionate tales with enthralling mysteries.
Discover Briar Black's world of mystery romance books and romantasy, blending passionate tales with enthralling mysteries.

My Favourite Mystery Romance Books

While I thoroughly enjoy writing romance novels with a mysterious flavour, my choice of genre is firmly grounded in a lifelong obsession with reading such tales. While it began with the cosy mysteries of Agatha Christie, it’s escalated over the years to include a wide range of authors and genres that blend romance and mystery. Here you’ll find some of my favourite mystery romance books from some exceptional authors.

Nora Roberts mesmerises with her intricate plots and deeply emotional storytelling. Julie Garwood’s elegant prose and rich character development transport you straight into the heart of her thrilling narratives. Linda Howard masterfully intertwines suspense with powerful character arcs, while Colleen Hoover captivates with her raw, poignant exploration of relationships. Deanna Raybourn‘s novels offer a historical richness, Lynette Eason and Colleen Coble infuse realism and urgency in their suspenseful tales. Sandra Brown balances thrilling plots with sensual romance, and HD Carlton enchants with dark, gothic elements in her captivating stories. Each author brings a unique flair, creating a collection that’s a treasure trove for mystery romance enthusiasts.

  • Summer Of Secrets By British Romance Author Lorna Peel

    A Summer of Secrets by Lorna Peel

    Lorna Peel transports readers to the breathtaking countryside of Ireland in A Summer of Secrets. The story revolves around Rachel Doyle, who returns to her family’s farm in Ireland after a failed relationship. Here, she finds solace and support from her childhood friend, Finn Carmichael. Unbeknownst to Rachel, Finn has harboured a secret love for her since their youth. Amidst the lush Irish landscape, the pair must confront their feelings and the secrets that bind them, making this a tale of love, forgiveness, and rediscovery.

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  • On Dublin Street by British Romance Author Samantha Young

    On Dublin Street (On Dublin Street, #1) by Samantha Young

    Samantha Young takes readers on an emotional rollercoaster in On Dublin Street. The novel introduces Jocelyn Butler, a young woman with a troubled past, who relocates to the vibrant city of Edinburgh, Scotland, to escape her demons. Her life takes an unexpected turn when she crosses paths with Braden Carmichael, a wealthy and irresistibly attractive businessman. The intense chemistry between the two characters ignites a love story that is as passionate as it is heartwarming. However, their past traumas and insecurities threaten to tear them apart, making their journey towards love all the more riveting.

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  • Inevitable Ella by British Romancer Writer VH Nicholson

    Inevitable Ella (Triple Trouble #2) by VH Nicolson

    A riveting romance novel set against Scotland’s breathtaking landscapes, Inevitable Ella by British romance author VH Nicholson follows Ella, a tenacious dance instructor, and Fraser, a professional golfer battling inner demons. Their tale of rekindled love is rife with challenges, passion, and deep emotional connections. Infused with delightful Scottish nuances and contemporary references, the story grabs the reader’s attention. Ella and Fraser’s chemistry is palpable, making their romantic moments electrifying and heartfelt. Throughout the tale, the strong community around Ella amplifies the depth of their journey. This book is an essential read for romance aficionados, masterfully balancing love, tension, and raw emotion.

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  • The Flatshare by Beth O'Leary

    The Flatshare by Beth O’Leary

    In The Flatshare, British romance novelist Beth O’Leary crafts a unique and endearing love story. Tiffy Moore and Leon Twomey share a flat, but they’ve never met. As they work opposite shifts, they communicate solely through notes left around the apartment. Despite the unconventional setup, a deep connection forms between them. With witty banter, charming characters, and a touch of serendipity, this novel takes readers on an emotional journey that proves love can blossom in the most unusual circumstances. O’Leary masterfully blends humour with heartfelt moments, creating a captivating narrative that resonates with anyone who’s ever found love in unexpected places. Her adept storytelling ensures that readers will be rooting for Tiffy and Leon’s quirky relationship from start to finish.

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  • Hunting Eden (Triple Trouble #1) by VH Nicolson

    Hunting Eden (Triple Trouble #1) by VH Nicolson

    A captivating romance novel set in Scotland and following Eden, a Scottish dancer, and her entanglement with Hunter, an American pro golfer, which unfolds with suspense, humour, and more than a few hurdles. Quirky Scottish elements and relatable pop culture references make this an immersing read. Eden and Hunter’s chemistry is sizzling, and their encounters are steamy and satisfying. As the plot progresses, the characters’ personal growth and the support they receive from others in the small town setting add depth to the narrative. A must-read for romance enthusiasts, offering a perfect blend of love, passion, and heat, leaving readers eagerly anticipating the next instalment in the series of standalone romances.

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  • Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake (Winner Bakes All, #1) by Alexis Hall

    Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake (Winner Bakes All, #1) by Alexis Hall

    Rosaline Palmer Takes the Cake by Alexis Hall is a charming romance centred on baking and competition. Rosaline Palmer, an amateur baker with dreams of success, auditions for a reality TV baking show to change her life. Little does she know that her journey will lead her to form a bond with the enigmatic and intimidating judge, Alain Pope. As they navigate the world of competitive baking, their own journeys of self-discovery intertwine with Rosaline’s pursuit of success and love. Set against the backdrop of a high-stakes baking competition and the bustling city of London, this novel provides a delightful mix of romance, personal growth, and mouthwatering desserts.

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  • Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    Pride and Prejudice by Jane Austen

    Pride and Prejudice is a timeless novel penned by Jane Austen, one of the most renowned British romance authors. Set in the Regency era, the story revolves around the headstrong Elizabeth Bennet and the proud Mr. Darcy as they navigate societal expectations, misunderstandings, and personal growth. With a keen wit and astute social commentary, Austen skillfully weaves a tale of love, pride, and the triumph of true affection over societal prejudices, making Pride and Prejudice a captivating masterpiece that continues to enchant readers across generations.

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