The clue is in the name – Bookstagram Made Me Buy It is a collection of book reviews covering the various novels and books I’ve been convinced to buy as a result of the uncontrollable hype surrounding them on Instagram. Or as the bookish community refers to it, ‘Bookstagram’. Here I will delve into the books that have taken Instagram by storm. Each post in this category is a treasure trove of information about the latest Bookstagram sensations, providing readers with in-depth insights into their plots, characters, and overall quality.

As a romance obsessed reader I tend to veer towards romance novels and books that have a strong romantic element, particularly Mystery Romance and Romantasy. That being said, I do read a range of genres and if a book catches my attention on Bookstagram (particularly if it has a lush cover!) I will usually buy it regardless of genre. I have a unique perspective as a professional writer and author of romance novels, and like to offer my insights into popular novels to discover if they are genuinely worth the hype – and your time and money!

So many of us have, at some point, lamented the fact that “Bookstagram made me buy it!” when a novel is particularly disappointing and we feel robbed. Likewise, we will happily credit the ‘gram with introducing us to new favourites. The aim of these reviews is to help you ensure you don’t miss out on the Bookstagram gems, or waste your time and hard earned cash on the duds!