Breakfast Reads is your morning haven, blending the joy of reading with the delight of a nutritious breakfast. In this unique category, I combine my love for wholesome, tasty breakfasts, often featuring my original smoothie bowl recipes, with handpicked book recommendations to kickstart your day in the healthiest, happiest way.

Each entry in Breakfast Reads offers an easy-to-follow, delicious breakfast recipe, crafted to energise and invigorate. These are not just meals; they are a celebration of flavours and health, perfect for busy mornings or leisurely weekends. Accompanying each recipe is a thoughtfully selected book recommendation, ensuring that your body and mind are equally nourished.

While my penchant for romance and mystery romance might peek through in the book selections, the range extends across various genres, catering to all types of readers. Whether you’re stirring your smoothie bowl or sipping your morning coffee, the accompanying book choice promises to be the perfect companion.

This category is more than just a routine; it’s about embracing a lifestyle where wellbeing and the joy of reading are intertwined. Breakfast Reads is for those who seek to start their day with a fulfilling meal and a captivating story, setting a positive tone for the rest of the day. Join me for new recipes and a new adventure between the pages.