In the vast realm of Bookstagrammers, there are few who manage to captivate their audience with a perfect blend of literary enthusiasm and captivating visuals. Thais, affectionately known as T on social media and recognized as Tata Lifepages, has emerged as a prominent figure in the Bookstagram community. With her distinct style and passion for literature, Tata Lifepages has created a virtual haven for book lovers worldwide.

Thais, a Brazilian engineer, photographer, reviewer, and dreamer, embarked on her Bookstagram journey in June 2018. What began as a personal expression of her love for books has evolved into a thriving platform that showcases her latest book reviews, discounts for bookish shops, current reads, and a glimpse into her own background. Thais was kind enough to answer a few of my nosy questions, so keep reading for my mini interview below. 

You can find Thais on Goodreads, her website, and of course, Instagram. But if you’re wondering why this specific Bookstagrammer is so worth your time, when there are (let’s face it) hordes of budding Bookstagrammers out there (myself included!), here’s why I picked Thais (who for simplicity shall be referred to by her handle from now on) for my first showcase. 

Loving The Authors As Well As The Books

As an avid supporter of authors and their works, Tata Lifepages offers a range of collaboration opportunities for writers seeking to promote their novels. Whether through book promotions, giveaways, cover reveals, or book tours, she provides a diverse set of avenues for authors to engage with her passionate audience. To explore collaboration possibilities, authors and publishers are invited to email Tata Lifepages with the synopsis and, if available, the press release of the novel.

One of Tata Lifepages’ notable collaboration features is hosting giveaways. By discussing the novel and understanding the desired outcome, she curates an enticing prize that perfectly complements the author’s objectives. This approach ensures that the giveaway resonates with her engaged community and generates meaningful interest in the showcased work.

Furthermore, Tata Lifepages extends her support through cover reveals. In this feature collaboration, the author’s work is showcased on her Instagram feed through dedicated posts and stories, amplifying the reach and impact of the novel. By leveraging her aesthetically pleasing account, Tata Lifepages provides an immersive experience for her followers, making every cover reveal a special moment to be cherished.

For authors aiming for an even broader promotion, Tata Lifepages offers the option of organizing Bookstagram tours. This unique opportunity allows the novel to be promoted through multiple influential accounts with over 10,000 followers. By partnering with these popular Bookstagrammers, the book tour facilitates widespread exposure, sparking interest among a diverse range of readers.

When it comes to reviews, Tata Lifepages’ schedule fills up quickly, underscoring the demand for her literary insights. Authors are encouraged to schedule a review at least two months in advance to secure a spot on her review agenda. For cover reveals and feature collaborations, a two-week notice is requested to ensure optimal planning and execution.

Tata Lifepages has garnered a substantial following from English-speaking countries, including the United States, the United Kingdom, Canada, and beyond. Her Instagram follower audience consists of 89% women, predominantly within the Young Adult and Adult age range. Her interests primarily lie in fantasy, paranormal, and historical romances. However, she remains open to featuring novels from other genres, including sci-fi, contemporary, and thriller, depending on the book’s appeal. 

Tata Lifepages: Unveiling the World of Books through Stunning Aesthetics

An Exquisite Pastel Tone Aesthetic

Aesthetics hold a special place in Tata Lifepages’ heart, as evident from her carefully curated feed. While she maintains a distinct pastel tone aesthetic, she also embraces the beauty of darker book covers. As showcased through various examples, Tata Lifepages seamlessly integrates both light and dark elements into her visual storytelling. In cases where a cover clashes with her feed aesthetics, she employs creative solutions like featuring folded covers with a slide on the next page.

A pastel tone aesthetic refers to a visual style characterized by soft, muted colours inspired by pastel hues. Pastel colours are typically light and delicate, often associated with candy colours or the soft colours found in nature. These shades include gentle pinks, light blues, pale yellows, mint greens, lavender purples, and other subtle variations.

In the context of an Instagram feed, a pastel tone aesthetic involves using these soothing and gentle colours to create a cohesive and visually pleasing look. It often includes arranging photos in a harmonious manner, employing consistent colour schemes, and ensuring a gentle and dreamy atmosphere throughout the feed. This aesthetic can be achieved by using photo editing tools or filters to enhance the pastel hues, as well as by carefully selecting props, backgrounds, and lighting to complement the overall theme.

A pastel tone aesthetic can evoke feelings of tranquillity, nostalgia, and a whimsical charm. It is popular among various genres, including fashion, lifestyle, home décor, and, of course, Bookstagram. The softness and subtlety of pastel tones create a visually appealing and calming experience for viewers, making it a popular choice for those seeking an aesthetic that exudes a sense of warmth and elegance.

Why A Visual Aesthetic Is So Important On Bookstagram

Creating a visual aesthetic on your Bookstagram can play a significant role in attracting and engaging your audience. A visual aesthetic helps establish your brand identity and sets you apart from other Bookstagrammers. It creates a unique and recognizable style that people associate with your account, making it easier for followers to remember and find you amidst the vast sea of book-related content.

A consistent visual aesthetic brings a sense of coherence and professionalism to your feed. When your photos have a cohesive style, it creates a visually pleasing experience for your audience, making them more likely to spend time exploring your content and engaging with your posts.

Humans are naturally drawn to visually appealing content. By curating an aesthetically pleasing feed, you can capture attention, increase engagement, and encourage people to follow and interact with your Bookstagram. A well-designed feed will make viewers stop scrolling and take notice of your posts.

Your visual aesthetic can reflect your personality and the type of books you enjoy. It helps convey your interests, taste, and preferences to your audience, attracting like-minded individuals who share your reading passions. It also assists in targeting your desired niche and attracting followers who resonate with your style and content.

A well-crafted visual aesthetic can leave a lasting impression on your followers. When your feed consistently delivers beautiful and compelling visuals, it creates a memorable experience that keeps people coming back for more. This can lead to a loyal and dedicated community that actively engages with your content, increasing the impact of your book recommendations, reviews, and collaborations.

While a visual aesthetic is essential, it’s important to strike a balance. Remember that the primary focus should be on the books themselves, the stories they hold, and the value you provide as a Bookstagrammer. The aesthetic should complement and enhance your content rather than overshadow it. Ultimately, finding a visual style that reflects your personality, resonates with your audience, and enhances the reading experience is key to building a successful and captivating Bookstagram.

Tata Lifepages: Unveiling the World of Books through Stunning Aesthetics

Why Tata Lifepages Is Such A Great Example Of A Balanced Aesthetic

One of the core reasons I love this account so much is how perfectly it balances a genuinely beautiful aesthetic, which is pleasing to look at, calming, and nurturing, with the nature of a Bookstagram account. Tata Lifepages has mastered the art of balancing her pastel aesthetic while keeping the focus on the books and stories she shares. 

Tata Lifepages pays careful attention to the composition of her photos. She ensures that the books are the central focus and uses creative arrangements and props to add visual interest without detracting from the main subject. By placing the books prominently and framing them in visually pleasing ways, she ensures that they remain the primary attraction.

While Tata Lifepages maintains a pastel tone aesthetic, she selects colours that complement the books she features. The soft and muted colour palette she employs enhances the dreamy and enchanting atmosphere of her feed without overpowering the book covers. This allows the books to stand out while still maintaining the overall aesthetic appeal.

Consistency is key to Tata Lifepages’ success in balancing her aesthetic and book focus. She maintains a consistent style throughout her feed, ensuring that her photos harmonize with one another. This consistency helps create a cohesive visual experience for her followers, making it easier to navigate her content and enjoy the stories she shares. She also pays attention to the details of the books she features. Whether it’s showcasing intricate cover designs, capturing snippets of favourite quotes, or highlighting unique elements of the story, she finds ways to bring the books to life and engage her audience. This focus on the books themselves reminds her followers that the stories within are what truly matter.

Alongside her visually appealing photos, Tata Lifepages provides thoughtful captions and reviews that delve into the essence of the books she shares. She adds value to her content by offering insights, recommendations, and her personal thoughts on the stories. By combining captivating visuals with meaningful commentary, she creates a holistic experience that celebrates both the aesthetic and literary aspects.

Through her skilful curation, Tata Lifepages strikes a balance where her pastel aesthetic enhances the visual appeal of her feed while maintaining a strong emphasis on the books and stories within. By keeping the books at the forefront and using her aesthetic as a supportive backdrop, she creates a Bookstagram experience that is visually delightful, engaging, and resonates with her audience’s love for literature.

For those of you wondering, yes, when I started my own Bookstagram and thought “Hmm, what do I want my vibe to be?” The answer was, “Like Tata Lifepages but focusing on romance and sage.” I can only hope to eventually get as good at it as Thais is!

But enough of my waffling, here is what the wonderful Thais has to say about the whacky world of Bookstagram…

What made you start a Bookstagram?

I was reading more than normal while recovering from a surgery and I really wanted to find people to talk to about the books I was reading. 5 years ago I stumbled upon a photo by a fellow Bookstagrammer, @canxdancexreads , and decided to also start an account for books!

What’s your best tip for creating an aesthetic that’s as consistent and recognisable as yours?

My aesthetic changed many times throughout the years. Find something that you love and don’t feel afraid to try new things!

Is it a coincidence that your kitty cat perfectly matches your aesthetic, or did you buy a new kitten? (Also, what’s kitty’s name?)

Kaz has been with me for a year and a half. My husband and I had just bought a new house and we thought it was the perfect moment to get a kitty. Friends of ours also had a ragdoll cat and we absolutely fell in love with this sweet breed.

Do you do any writing of your own other than your blog?

Nope I am not a writer. Maybe one day?

Who is your favourite Bookstagrammer and why?

That’s a very hard question and I don’t think I have one favourite account. I have many that inspire me including my lovely tourgals.