Genre: Mafia Romance

Rating: ★★★☆☆ 3/5

Available On: Amazon

Corrupted Heir by Kiana Hettinger offers an intriguing dive into the dynamics of a mafia romance, where relationships are entangled with duty, power, and unexpected love. At the heart of this story, the chemistry between Dominic and Fallon is palpable. Their interactions are layered with tension, conflict, and an undercurrent of care that neither seems to fully grasp. This authentic relationship development is the book’s true strength, ensuring readers remain invested in their journey.

However, the pacing of the story can sometimes be uneven. Certain plot developments progress at a rapid-fire pace, while others seem to linger for longer than necessary. A more consistent rhythm throughout could have helped to enhance the overall reading experience. Some characters, like Fallon, evoke mixed reactions. While her reactions and behaviours can sometimes seem inconsistent or puzzling, it’s undeniable that she adds depth and complexity to the narrative. On the other hand, Dominic’s portrayal as the quintessential mafia man offers some predictable elements, yet his unwavering loyalty shines through, making him a standout character.

On the topic of the mafia backdrop, some readers might feel that the book doesn’t delve deep enough into the gritty underworld. The integration of some Italian phrases and minor mafia undertones doesn’t quite capture the full essence of what one might expect from a mafia-centric narrative.

And this is, perhaps, the most significant point of contention that fans of the mafia romance subgenre will have with Corrupted Heir. When diving into a mafia romance, one anticipates a heady mix of underworld intrigue, danger, and the raw, gritty essence of organised crime to complement the romance. In this tale, the mafia element often felt more like a garnish than a main course, leaving one yearning for a deeper exploration of its intricacies. The thrilling world of organised crime, with its codes, loyalties, betrayals, and power struggles, offers a rich tapestry upon which to paint a romance. In Corrupted Heir, however, the balance tilts more towards the romantic side, sometimes leaving the mafia backdrop feeling somewhat underutilised. For those who savour an equal blend of love and mafia dynamics, this might be a touch disappointing (it was for me in this respect).

In terms of writing, Hettinger’s prose is commendable, largely free of distracting errors. The plot twist towards the end and the subsequent cliffhanger will undoubtedly leave readers eager for more, proving Hettinger’s knack for storytelling.

Corrupted Heir provides a captivating exploration of love and loyalty in the world of the mafia. While there are areas that could benefit from further refinement, Hettinger’s tale remains a worthwhile read for those intrigued by the dynamics of power, passion, and the ties that bind.

What Genre Is Corrupted Heir?

Corrupted Heir is a contemporary romance novel that delves deep into the mafia romance subgenre. It’s a niche that promises readers a thrilling amalgamation of romantic entanglements set against the shadowy, perilous backdrop of organised crime. Such stories often weave a complex tapestry of danger, loyalty, betrayal, and power struggles, ensuring a captivating reading experience as romance and mafia dynamics intertwine.

Romance Tropes In The Novel

Trope Count: 💚💚💚

Within the pages of Corrupted Heir, the romance unfolds through a rich tapestry of narrative devices that tap into the heart of romantic storytelling. These romance tropes, adeptly interwoven, guide readers through the intricate dance of attraction, conflict, and resolution between the main characters:

Enemies to Lovers: Dominic and Fallon’s interactions are laced with tension and conflict, this is one instance where we have a literal enemies to lover situation. Their journey from initial discord to mutual understanding and intimacy is a testament to this age-old trope.

Forced Proximity: Circumstances push Dominic and Fallon into situations where they’re in close quarters, most notably when she’s confined to his apartment. Such enforced closeness often amplifies underlying feelings and accelerates relationship dynamics.

Forced Marriage/Marriage of Convenience: A cornerstone of the narrative is Fallon’s coerced union with Dominic. What starts as an obligation — a marriage where the ring symbolises not commitment, but coercion — evolves into a complex relationship as they navigate their shared life. This trope challenges characters to find common ground and perhaps unexpected affection amidst external pressures.

How Spicy Is The Book?

Spice Rating: 🌶️🌶️🌶️🌶️

Corrupted Heir doesn’t shy away from turning up the heat, delivering a spicy reading experience that resonates at a level of 4 out of 5. The electric chemistry between Raven and Nico is palpable, making their interactions a highlight of the narrative. Amidst the dark backdrop of mafia rivalries and suspense, their relationship brings an element of passionate intensity. 

While the initial establishment of their bond seems a tad hurried, possibly a reminiscence of their childhood acquaintance, the narrative soon finds its rhythm, drawing readers into a gripping tale of love and revenge in the mafia world. As a personal suggestion, diving into the first book of this interconnected series might offer a richer context, even though Corrupted Heir can stand its ground as an independent read.